The enVention User Experience (UX) Team believes that there is no better way to serve our Warfighters than by delivering products that are as efficient and effective as they are.  We believe that our true end users know best how our software should look and behave.  Therefore, we nurture a collaborative environment where our Warfighters, UX experts, and software developers unite, to create a true user-centered design (UCD) that they find intuitive and elegant.

Our team employs the principles of interaction design, meeting with expert users face-to-face to conduct moderated lab usability testing and field usability testing.  We invest the time needed to research their use cases and scenarios, including training, testing, exercises and battle execution; then we put ourselves in the passenger’s seat and allow them to teach us how to drive.  We practice an evolutionary cycle of heuristic evaluation, interface prototyping, and testing, inviting their feedback early and often, to ensure that our software is intuitive and easy to use, while meeting all of their tactical needs.